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Bubble Zombie Game 2

Ahh you hungry zombie, you! You must have found the brain in the bubble game level one to get this far - Congratulations! Now that you are getting the hang of this fun bubble zombie game, things will get a bit trickier, but keep at it, and you'll be sure to have fun for hours... you should have all the time in the world now that you are a zombie, right?!

Bubble game level 2 has the three bubble colors you are already associated with. Aim the crosshairs to the point you'd like the bubble to go, and with complete accuracy you'll be sure to succeed! Once again, the zombie bubble game's goal is to drop the pulsating brain before the bubbles get too low!

Bubble Shooter Tips

  • Pop the Jack-o-lantern, crescent moon, and bat bubbles
  • Use maltov cocktail bubbles to pop bubbles around them during the bubble game
  • The bubble shooter zombie arm aims the bubbles to their correct position

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